Every artwork on is made by Siren Waroe

The art is described as questing and with a lyrical expressionistic nerve





 « If you are lonely, you feel separated from everybody. If you are in solitude, you feel you are in contact with the entire universe. »
Siren Waroe

 « The anchor of life is time to reflect. »
Siren Waroe

 « I want constructive energy made by every brushstroke and between every line. »
– Siren Waroe

 « Winter brings a colder palette with more heavy blue and violet, Fall has substantial more reddish and brown, Summer brings a variation of pastel colours and Spring fresh green and tangerine. » – Siren Waroe

 « If I shake hands with anti-Me it will be the end of me. » – Siren Lykkø

 « The validity of the written art history is as absent as the great female artists left out. » – Siren Waroe

 « It is happiness to be able to choose your noise » – Siren Waroe